Our product development as well as continuous development focus lies on the creation of user-friendly structures besides powerful and various functionalities. We achieve this in our smart tools through an intuitive usage as well as time-saving, automatically background processes.


According to the mentioned premises all our software tools from the areas of Business Intelligence, Software Automatisation and embedded systems are built. We programme not just sole special solutions but rather concept tools for a broad usage range with new solution ways as well as state-of-the-art technologies. Actually our product portfolio contains the following software tool: 


  • BusinessGuard Open or Close


    Our browser based BI-solution for a consistent and detailed business planning as well as for an efficient finance controlling! Sector-independent BusinessGuard ensures a professional liquidity management containing a daily liquidity calculation.


    With BusinessGuard you also make without an own controlling department profound entrepreneurial decisions based on reliable, actual figures without a big effort!



  • iTrack Open or Close


    Our project management tool iTrack enables a detailed and realistic project planning with minutely detailed planned work packages. Through its’ various and automated functions iTrack simplifies your work and cares for a time-saving project management.


    Also keep with iTrack at any time the right project overview of all your projects and use your existing project capacities efficient!





  • qmCover Open or Close


    qmCover is our tool for the uncomplicated reviewing of embedded systems programming codes. On an easy, user-friendly manner the generation as well as analysis of the code coverage is done inclusive a steady printable reporting.


    With qmCover you know at any time without additional effort the actual status of the embedded system code programming!