A consistent business planning as well as an efficient finance controlling with transparent, reliable data is with our BI-solution BusinessGuard also without economical expert knowledge created. Sector independent supports BusinessGuard size-independent companies in the strategical as well as operative business management through a profound, detailed budget preparation in the context of the business planning. The automaticaly data transfer directly at input ensures a reliable data analysis as well as profound, fiscal reports for plan as well as fact data.







In the central focus of our BI-solution BusinessGuard is the daily liquidity calculation for the secure perspective on your financial business situation. With BusinessGuard you also have your finances under control and convince at meetings with your bank, investors or your shareholders with reliable fiscal documents for plan as well fact figures.





As browser based BI-solution convinces BusinessGuard besides its‘ extensive functions, with its‘ fast and uncomplicated implementation. Within a short-term you possess a BI-application which is customized for your specific business structures and which grows according to your structures.



 Make with BusinessGuard at any time profound entrepreneurial decisions based on reliable figures and gain entrepreneurial freedom!



Detailed Planning

Create with BusinessGuard support a detailed and consistent business planning based on specifications in terms of amount and value of planned actions and known business transactions. So with BusinessGuard your are not just perpetuating the past but rather actively direct your business development through a realistic budgeting as well as daily finance planning for a convincing business planning! 


Uncomplicated analysis

Directly after the data input through our wizard based enter menu or through Excel import you can easily analyse your entrepreneurial chances and risks due to our automatically data transfer. In so doing you can determine with BusinessGuard the required strategically actions to be taken for your operative business management. Our various Cash Flow analyses show you on a daily level your liquid assets.


Reliable Reporting

With our BI-Reporting you transfer without big effort your plan as well as fact business figures into knowledge and thereby you can flexible model your data with just a few clicks. Location independant you always have access to all BusinessGuard functions, so that you dispose at any time profound fiscal documents like among other things balance, P&L or HR reports.  


Predictive Analysis of the financial business development*

Create with BusinessGuard Professional predictive analysis, in which you can analysis in advance without big effort, the financial impacts of entrepreneurial decisions, Simulate uncomplicated your financial situation at changing key parameters as for example price increases of your manufacturing costs. Liquid bottlenecks are detected at an early stage so that financial risks can in advance be eliminated!

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*3only available in BusinessGuard Professional

BusinessGuard is a powerful, user-friendly financial planning tool which supports companies size-independent at a successful company as well as liquidity planning. The three modules planning, analysis and reporting aren't just allowing an uncomplicated corporate planning and management, but also helps in strategical management.

The creation of a fiscal management succeeds through the module based and fully integrated planning in BusinessGuard easily and uncomplicated. With BusinessGuard a detailed financial planning is issued without any expert knowledge. 

Without an enormous amount of time you gain through BusinessGuard up-to-the-minute and reliable overview of your liquid assets. Gather with BusinessGuard all company data and inform through the various reports, business assessments and analysis about your current business situation. Reliable data or business reports are available within a short time! 

For a fast data import an ERP- as well as an Excel-interface is available. So BusinessGuard can also be used without an existing ERP-system. BusinessGuard suits also for smaller business without an existing ERP-System. 

BusinessGuard as financial planning tool offers nevertheless a high degree of flexibility and adapts to your specific user needs. So users have the possibility to define easily user defined analysis and reports. Also without any expert knowledge you create with BusinessGuard uncomplicated a reliable financial planning for your company!  


 BusinessGuard is integrated in a structured and scalable way:

             ✔ Planning modules for revenues, costs, investments, depreciations, etc.

            ✔ Predefined reports for cash-flow, profit & loss statement, deviations, cockpit                      charts, etc.

            ✔ Simulations

            ✔ Human ressources

            ✔ Fact import (SAP, DATEV, Baan, Navision, Varial, Microsoft Dynamics)


An integrated financial planning with reliable and always transparent company reports is through BusinessGuard no more a time-consuming challenge!

We give you with pleasure a detailed insight in BusinessGuard. Please visit therefore our product homepage under www.business-guard.com or contact us!


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