In the software field we offer services, which are customized for your needs. Our experienced system architects and developers discuss with pleasure about the possibilities for your project. We develop, programme and test intensively!


Our offer for software engineering services covers:                                                         

  • Requirement Engineering Open or Close

    In the requirement engineering we detect in detail your specific needs on the system being developed, structure and control them afterwards. 


    At the end of this part of the software development process you dispose a detailed, classified overview of your requirements for the software as well as a functional specification document to realise a productive system. 

  • System analysis and design Open or Close

    The system analysis and design ensures that the needs are considered, that the available technical possibilities are exhausted and that the development as well as introduction of the IT-system succeeds.  Thereby the focus is on systems, processes and technologies in order to achieve a high performance. 

  • Architecture Open or Close

    In the field of software architecture we care about the basic components and their interactions within a software system. 

  • Software (co-)development Open or Close

    The software development covers all processes between the conception and the realisation of software. Through a software co-development software products are faster developed and potentially to lower costs.  

  • Prototyping Open or Close

    The development of a software prototype has the advantage that within a short time, a certain part of the software can be shown exemplarily. In this way a better communication can take place with the customer and a tailored, demand-actuated system can be realized without using abstract models for going through the software.   

  • System integration, migration & re-engineering Open or Close

    In the system integration different subcomponents of a system are combined, adapted and enhanced and integrated into the IT infrastructure. By contrast in the migration conversion processes in the data processing systems are done. Whereas the software is being restructured through re-engineering.  

  • Software maintenance and support Open or Close

    In the software maintenance, we ensure the applicability and security of the software. Through our support we assist you at error messages or at malfunctioning.   

  • Quality assurance testing Open or Close

    Our quality assurance control ensures a systematic testing of the software according to different quality criteria.   

  • Construction of detailed system documentation Open or Close

    The software documentation supports user and operators of different roles in the usage of the software. So the documentation explains the functional principle of the software, the handling as well as the system requirements.  


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