We from QuarterMill Technologies concentrate us on the development of new solutions and technologies for a broad application range. Besides powerful functions the usability is also at the center of attention for all our products as well as services. The simplification of normally complex topics is central for our solutions so that for the usage in day-to-day work no explicit expert knowledge is needed.


Our latest product portfolio contains our project management tool iTrack as well as our code coverage reviewing tool qmCover for the programming embedded systems. But actually our focus is above all else on our browser based BI-solution BusinessGuard for a detailed business planning as well as efficient controlling. Sector-independent we enable companies independent from their size to possess through BusinessGuard over a daily liquidity management without big effort or explicit economical expert knowledge.


Nevertheless BusinessGuard is not just used in commercial enterprises, but rather in the practice-oriented education of young academics in the university lesson "Praktische Unternehmensplanung“ at the University of Graz. Besides this cooperation we also give young graduates the chance to expedite state-of-the art technologies and method und to practically use them with support of our experienced software architects and developers. Our development team programmes powerful but yet easy-to-use software tools which have state-of-the-art technologies contained.


Not just in our products, but rather in our software engineering services we also develop, programme and examine intensively all functions for you! Get to know our offer of software engineering services as well as our products which convinces besides other things through flexible, easy-to-extend functions.


Find out more about our products at: www.qm-technologies.com/products