Do not just focus on


specific dimensions,






                                 ... always keep an eye on all aspects of your company!


With BusinessGuard this is possible in a simple manner, and no aspect of your business stays hidden in the background. As a planning and analysis tool with BI reporting BusinessGuard supports you in the implementation of an active financial and liquidity management in all business dimensions.


For this purpose BusinessGuard offers a variety of different reports and analysis, which are generated automatically through our BI-solution based on your data entry. So transmission errors have no chance and a long search for the source of errors belongs to the past.


Each report can be downloaded in just a few clicks and provides a graphical representation of the data, so you can capture more quickly the situation at a glance. Additionally, the cockpit chart offers you the opportunity to see an overview of different reports at the same time in order to see the different dimensions in comparison. In this way you always know the situation at all business aspects.


And nevertheless you don’t need to be an expert to use BusinessGuard as a web based business intelligence tool. The extensive and pre-defined functions of BusinessGuard support you in creating a complete business plan. An efficient financial controlling is with BusinessGuard as a business intelligence tool no more a time-consuming challenge!


Learn here more about Business Guard as a powerful BI-solutions that will save you valuable time in everyday work!