With qmCover you get the perfect tool which supports you time-saving in the code covering caption of closed embedded systems. Gain with qmCover more time for your programming! 


Analyse with qmCover uncomplicated your code coverage for GNU gcc based Projects. qmCover is the perfect tool for the user-friendly generation and analyis of test coverages including a project reporting. Architecture independant of the used platform (x86, MIPS, arm, etc.) qmCover analyse the scope of the code coverage. Through gcc library modification the code coverage of embedded systems can be checked individually via platform specific transport layers (trace, jtag) and the collected results can be cumulated.



Code Covering Data from several testings

Profound analysis to get a prefect overview of the actual code coverage status through an aggregated ascertainment of the existing code coverage from several testings. In so doing qmCover provides you the ideal perspective of the programming status for the according embedded system.


Optimization of Code Sections and Recognizing of Bottlenecks 

qmCover supports you in the existing code review and helps you to recognize capacity bottlenecks in your programming at an early stage. Furthermore qmCover cares about an optimization of individual code sections so that you realise a powerful programming code for the embedded system in work!



Segmentation of Analysis Structures

qmCover offers you appealing coverage reports segmented into files, data and functional level. Through this hierarchical segmentation you get a better, faster as well as aim oriented overview of the programming status for the individual embedded system.


Graphical Visualisation of the Code Coverage

Our graphical visualisation of the code coverage enables a fast visual caption of the actual programing status. So you see at a glance the status of each code sections.  


Excel Export of the Coverage Data

Use the integrated Excel-Export of the coverage date to use these data in meetings for presentations or for trainings or to edit in Excel.


Uncomplicated Data Filtration 

Our uncomplicated data filtration saves you valuable working time through the fast and easy data filtration in qmCover in order to find the according data aim oriented.  



All Reports are directly Printable

qmCover set all reports automatically up for a perfect printing result so that you can directly print the reports without additional effort when opening them. So you dispose at any time over directly printable reports of the actual code coverage in order to convince also at spontaneous meetings through presentable reports of the code coverage.  


Characteristic for qmCover is therewith an incremental, project based data import of the coverage data as well as analysis of the code coverage through data import or through compiler generated data!


qmCover Integration


 System requirements for qmCover:

  • Mit GNU-Compiler measured source codes (gcc, gcov)
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista
  • .NET Runtime 3.5


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qmCover is an easy to use solution which addresses code coverage acquisition, analysis and reporting. qmCover is targeting gcc-compiled projects and requires the presence of gcov tool which is part of the GNU tool-chain. Being architecture independent, qmCover supports code coverage analysis from a large spectrum of platforms (x86, MIPS, ARM etc). Last but not least, by overriding glibc library, qmCover supports coverage data collection from closed embedded systems via platform specific transport layers (trace, jtag).

Main Features & Benefits:

           •   support for code coverage data acquisition from closed embedded devices

           •   project-based coverage data import

           •   coverage data analysis from either data imports or compiler tool-chain generated data

           •   cumulating coverage data for multiple test runs

           •   coverage reporting at folder, file and function level

           •   data filtering (folders, files)

           •   analytical and graphical overview

           •   optimization candidates and bottleneck detection

           •   Microsoft Excel coverage data export

           •   report printing


qmCover integration




System requirements

           •   GNU compiler  measured source code (gcc, gcov)

           •   Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista

           •  .NET runtime version 3.5