Create with iTrack fast and uncomplicated an efficient project management -  plan meticulously the project progress!


Perfect Project Overview

iTrack provides you as project management tool the perfect overview of all project appointments as well as project influence factors. So iTrack shows you based on similar, preceding projects the through project employees influenceable factors as well as an overview of all other influence factors. 


Detailed and Predictive Project Planning

Through our detailed, in depth project analysis we enable the realistic forecast of the project status development. iTrack provides so dynamical insights in the project procedures for a perfect and efficient project management!


Flexible and automated Capacity Management

iTrack enables an uncomplicated management of your capacities for an ideal operating rate. So your project management tool creates based on the project progress detailed working plans. In these working plans is considered the project structure, a priority setting of the project tasks as well as known problems inside the according tasks at starting or ending times!


Automatically Project Status Notifications

Project delays are recognized through the deviation between actual or forecasted and originally planned project progresses an iTrack sends automatically generated information with the project delay topic to the defined persons.  






Analysis of the working manner for a realistic Project Planning

iTrack takes the scientific concept of behavior models up in order to forecast based on the previous working manner of the employee the presumable working time for each project task and through this the project duration is forecasted. By reference to this forecast the detailed project planning as well as determination of each project step and the according working packages. Convince yourself through the detailed project planning with a high forecast precision!






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iTrack Architecture



Our iTrack architecture is structured into two main components: the Application level (c4, c5, c6) and the level of Kernel* (c1, c2, c3, c7).



Our application level transfers in an user-friendly manner all existing data from preceding projects as well as running projects into detailed information about the actual project status. In so doing iTrack cares for a reliable and profound project management! 






*Kernel: iTrack-Algorithmus 


iTrack is a project management decision support tool centered on predictions regarding future work progress evolutions.

Main Features & Benefits:

Project status 

  • a clear view over what a worker can adjust and what they cannot, using unique concepts

  • actual and predicted due dates for project tasks



  • used at a deep level, enabling the computation of predicted project statuses

  • a new prediction method that shows good performance

  • dynamic insight over project tasks progress


Individual work plans

  • automatically generated based on project status

  • considers three types of constraints: project structure, worker`s own tasks prioritization, and tasks start/due constraints



  • automatically generated as early as project execution problems are detected

  • generated based on the current or a predicted project status

  • extra sensitivity for excessively permissive project plans

Behavioral monitoring

behavioral prediction translates past work behaviors in the        particular context of current active tasks to find their future  

• even though forecasts might not be accurate in particular      
   situations, the behavioral forecasts provide an insight over     
   what happened in the past concerning project team              
   members work behavior

iTrack implements the Behavioral Monitoring Framework,
   a monitoring framework developed through research.






iTrack Architecture

iTrack has two major level: the kernel* (c1, c2, c3, c7) and an application level (c4, c5, c6).

Foresee future progress

iTrack has two major level: the kernel* (c1, c2, c3, c7) and an application level (c4, c5, c6). The prediction method used by iTrack have shown a very good prediction accuracy compared to the well known "velocity trend" prediction, which makes it suitable for being implemented in a system that uses prediction at a deep level.


*kernel: algorithmic part of iTrack.